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THC dual temperature control has two individual temperature control function. In refrigeration system, in order to prevent the temperature too high at air outport, meanwhile, ensure the reasonable oil temperature for compressor, THC can be used to fulfill this purpose. Use one high temperature bulb at the air outlet side, the other bulb in the compressor oil, either one of the bulb senses the temperature higher than set point, the product will send out the signal to alert to protect the compressor.

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Weight 2 lbs
Low-Pressure-Side Temperature Setting Range Max


Low-Pressure-Side Temperature Setting Range Min


Low-Pressure-Side Differential Temperature Adjust Range Max

Manual reset

Low-Pressure-Side Differential Temperature Adjust Range Min

Manual reset

Low-Pressure-Side Max. Bulb Temperature


High-Pressure-Side Temperature Setting Range Max


High-Pressure-Side Temperature Setting Range Min


High-Pressure-Side Differential Temperature Adjust Range

Manual reset

High-Pressure-Side Max. Bulb Temperature



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