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■ Introduction

SV-SY/SV-R1/SV series two ways normal closed solenoid valves, it can be widely used in refrigeration, pneumatic and hydraulic system, also in boiler and fire-fighting, etc.

SV-SY series solenoid valve with piston structure, SV-R1/SV series solenoid valve with diaphragm structure.

Solenoid valves use full-closed magnetic coil and DIN international standard electric plug, so it is characterized by its good insulation, waterproof, moisture proof, anti-vibration and corrosion resistance.

■ Operating principle:

While energized in coil, the electromagnetic power opens the small orifice. Then the pressure in upside of valve reduced, so the pressure difference between both side of diaphragm happen and lead to diaphragm lift to open the main orifice.

While de-energized in the coil, plug stem will drop and close the small orifice because of spring force and its weight. The flow media enters into upside of diaphragm through throttle hole, then pressure in both side of diaphragm balances, then the diaphragm will drop and close the main orifice.

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