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FSF-YK micro-flow switch is mainly applied to measure and control the flow of the liquid in the pipe, such as water, alcohol, etc
FSF-YK is a flow switch with paddles. It is designed to protect water cutout in water & heat pump unit
FSF-YK micro-flow switch have SPST switch to ensure it can work fast for the instantaneous protection. The product is designed with a special plastic cover with high condense, low influence by heat & cold.
FSF-YK flow switch is fitted with single pole single throw (SPST) connection form, it has the characteristic of reliability, high sensitivity, and correct action, fast action, it is used for ensuring the instantaneous flow switch function. FSF-YK flow switch is fitted with enhanced engineering plastics design. series flow switches have simple structure, it is easy to use and work stably.

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Weight 2 lbs
Connection Pipe Diameter


OFF Min. Flow

1.0 m3/h

OFF Max. Flow

2.25 m3/h

ON Min. Flow

1.27 m3/h

ON Max. Flow

2.37 m3/h


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