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1)FSF-S2 micro-flow switch apply to variety of liquids pipe, it senses the flow changing of the liquid in the pipe, and convert the changing value into electrical signal. To control the pipe flow automatically and make sure the system maintain a stable flow value.
2)FSF-S2 micro-flow switch adopts SPST switch, high reliability, high sensitive, precise action, work fast. Can ensure the instantaneous function.
3)FSF-S2 micro-flow switch adopts enhanced engineering plastic and seal structure design, protection achieve IP66, can widely apply to variety of situation.
4)FSF-S2 micro- flow switch features simple structure, easy usage, reliable operation, working life up to 5×106

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Weight 2 lbs


Min. Flow (On)

1.10 m3/h

Min. Flow (Off)

0.9 m3/h

Max. Flow (On)

2.35 m3/h

Max. Flow (Off)

2.1 m3/h




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