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■ Introduction
ASTV, BWTV, ETV series thermostatic expansion valves can be used for refrigeration cabinet, ice machine, dehumidity unit, and refrigeration and air conditioning requirements in a wide range of temperature.
ETV series thermostatic expansion valve uses solder ODF connections.
The nominal capacities of ETV are 14~100 tons (R22), can fit for large refrigeration system.

■ Characteristics
1.Constant superheat adjusting performance
2.Wide range of evaporating temperature: -40°C~ 10°C
3.Can be supplied with MOP (Max. Operating Pressure)
4.The large effective area of diaphragm makes the valve have stable function Adjust to refrigerant R410A

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Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Nominal Capacity (KW)


Connection Inlet×Outlet (in.)

7/8×9/8 ODF

Connection Inlet×Outlet (mm)

22×28 ODF

Capillary Tube (m)


External Equalization Connection Size

Metric Connection φ6 FlareNut M12X1.25 Thread


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