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FSD series differential pressure controls (oil pressure control) protect the refrigeration compressor and other machineries. In refrigeration system, lubrication system must be kept in a certain oil pressure in order to get well lubrication for every part. If the oil pressure is too low, compressors will happen “Cylinder sticking” for losing oil in normal running or starting, even destroy bearing pad of the compressor.

The differential pressure control receives the signal of discharge pressure from lubricating oil pump and suction pressure from compressor. And it maintains the two pressures in a certain differential range. When the difference is lower than the setting one, the switch automatically cuts the compressor circuit off to stop running.
Approvals: CQC (China), CE (Europe).

FSD45C Differential Pressure controls is a derivative of other FSD series differential pressure controls,having the same function.However,Its micro switch accuracy is greatly improved and can control the compressor more effectively and efficiently

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Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Adjust Range Max

50.76 PSI

Adjust Range Min

7.25 PSI

Switch Differential

≤ 7.25 PSI

Factory Setting

14.50 PSI

Max. Working Pressure

246.56 PSI

Delay Time Set

60 seconds (Fixed)


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