Introduction To Our Pressure Control Switches

///Introduction To Our Pressure Control Switches

Introduction To Our Pressure Control Switches

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One of our newest models is specially designed to protect the compressor of both refrigeration and air-conditioning equipment. It represents the highest-grade precision and fastest response speed.  When the controlled pressure is higher than the setting pressure the pressure control will cut off the circuit quickly and effectively to protect the compressor.

In turn, when the controlled pressure decreases the pressure, control will connect the circuit. The pressure control is equipped with smart single pole double throw switch, thus can ensure reliable quick transformation functions.


P30D-3S (2S) three (two) grade pressure controller with three (two) single pole double throw switch suitable for a variety of heating, ventilation, refrigeration and air conditioning; condenser fan, air compressors, pumps and other energy discharge automatic charge control. It can be used as three (two) level heating, three (two) level cooling and three (two) level water control purposes. Our main goal is to save energy and to sustain physical force.


P/PC series pressure control can protect compressors in refrigeration and air-conditioning units and keep them from dangerously low suction pressure or high discharge pressure. P/PC series pressure controls can start and stop refrigeration compressors and fans of air condensers. They can not only be used in fluoride refrigeration, but also in air and liquid.

Fitted with three kinds of changeover switches; a single pull double throw (SPDT), a double pull single throw (DPST), and a double pull double throw (DPDT). The position of the switch is determined by the pressure control setting and the pressure at the connector.